Holder King Dual-Clamp - Room

iPad Tablet holder

product highlights

  • . T-clamp able to hold any tablets, phones, e-readers with or without cases(i.e. OtterBox) if either width or length falls between 8-1/4" and 5-1/4" (as big as iPad Air; as small as iPhone6,7). It can adapt to devices with thickness between 1/4" and 1".
  • . Base clamp is well paded to protect from scratching furniture. Dual thread heads are able to clamp either horizontally or vertically, making it able to clamp on walls of drawers. It can clamp on board edges 1-3/8" thick or less, and 1-1/4" depth or more.
  • . Able to extend 3 feet long horizontally so that users can lie back and interact with tablets at the same time.
  • . No special tools needed for set-up, put away, or making adjustment; able to match almost any of your positions or view angles with little effort.
  • . All frames are made from top quality aluminum alloy metal and very durable.

Item Details

What make the Dual Clamps so special?

Dual clamps are maintenance free and can be left as long as you want once is setup.  The setup and put away is very simple.

1. The versatile T-clamp.

When compared with other clamps, it has following advantages:

a) It is safer. It applies pressue on both edges on the front of the tablet, making the tablet secure in all directions.  That is why the tablet won't slip out the T-clamp even on bumpy road.

b) This T-clamp can hold most of naked tablets or tablets with cases.  For example, it can hold naked iPads or iPads with a Otterbox. 

c) Very easy to put on or take off tablets from it and need no tools.

2. The dual head base clamp.

It has to threaded heads which are compatible with the rest of Holder King parts.  The two heads make it possible to clamp not only on a horizontal board but also on a vertical board, i.e. boards of a drawer.  When the night stand top cannot be clamped on, you will still be able to to champ on its drawer.  The base clamp is fully paded to protect the surface of furniture. 

3. Four stage telescopic arm – all aluminum metal.

Each stage of tube is made from a single piece of aluminum tube, including the thread part. All locks are made from aluminum, too. You only need make 1/4 turn of the lock to lock or unlock.

The advantages over other arm types:

a) Long reach. No arms can reach 3 feet long in the market.  It ebables people to interact with tablets while lie back.

b) Steady and flexible combined. Its length and height can be adjusted while the iPad is loaded. It can also turn around the base 360 degree. It never sags no matter what kind of iPad is loaded.

c) Since it can retract to one foot long, it is hard to be noticed. The all black color design easily blends itself into background. Esthetically, no iPad holder can compete with it.



**This product and it's parts are protected by patents world wide.

What are in the package?

  • 1. The Base
  • 2. Telescopic Arm
  • 3. T-clamp


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