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iPad Tablet holder


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  • . T-clamp able to hold any tablets, phones, e-readers with or without cases if either width or length falls between 8-1/4" and 5-1/4" (as big as iPad Air; as small as iPhone6,7). It can adjust to thickness 1" or less.
  • . It can be used on tripods with 1/4-20 male threads or any devices with the same thread size.
  • . It can last as long as you desire and needs no maintenance.
  • . It is easy to put on or put away without any special tools.
  • . It does NOT work on iPad Pro or similars.

Item Details

What are in the package?

  • 1. The Base
  • 2. Telescopic Arm
  • 3. iPad Handle
  • 4. Convertor - Connect to iPad Handle or item 5 or 6.
  • 5. Camera Connector - Connect to camera or party lights which have 1/4-20 femal threads.
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