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iPad Tablet holder

product highlights

  • . 3 feet long horizontal reach enables you lie back, keep the ideal distance and angles between you and iPads, and interact with iPads without moving body back and forth.
  • . Light weight (1.8lbs), compact, and easy to install / uninstall enables you to use iPads everywhere at home.
  • . Very easy to make adjustment to adapt to your positions. No special tools needed for set-up, putting away, or making adjustment.

Item Details

What make the Holder King so special?


1. The iPad Handle (small suction cup) - one of the kind.

This petit and light weight handle is able to hold iPads firmly for days. To achieve that, we have spent years and tons of resources to do research and redesigns. After extensive experiments and tests, we finally make the iPad Handle meet our critical application demands. When compared with the clamp style, it has following advantages:

a) It is safer. We require the iPad Handle hold iPads continuously for at least 24 hours. It actually holds iPads for many days. When you tap on iPads or make adjustments, it won't drop iPads accidentally like many clamp styles do.

b) People often have problems with clamp style such that whether it fits the specific version or size of iPads, if it will block any iPads' sockets or camera lens, or if it would scratch iPads. The iPad Handle make all these worries go away.

c) It can be attach to or detach from iPads quickly and easily.

2. The base vacuum system - a little giant.

This is the most powerful vacuum system for supporting iPads. It can resist more than 100 pound pulling force, which makes it easily withstand the enormous power generated by the long arm and the weight of iPads. It dwarfs those weak and unreliable suction cups ever existed for iPads.

It can be installed on air tight platforms with flat, smooth, non-textured surfaces. Glass, ceramic tiles, quartz, and most furniture tops are qualified platforms, on which the base can stay on for days continuously, long enough to meet application demands.

How the vacuum system works with platforms? (Must read before you buy if you are not familiar with vacuum)

The suction cup attaches to platforms by forming a vacuum space between the rubber pad and the surface of platforms. To be able to suck well for a long time, materials around the vacuum space have to be air tight. However, not all platforms are air tight:

A) If the platform surface is not smooth (i.e. have grooves, seams, bumps, beaten up, or textures), the suction cup may not be able to attach to the surface or last long.

B) If the platform surface is smooth but inside is porous, it cannot prevent air from traveling through the platform into the vacuum space. A good example is solid wood furniture tops. The tops are usually made from small pieces of wood and have seams in between. Also, solid wood is a natural material which has tiny channels to allow air and water travel inside when trees grow. These tiny channels will allow air through over time when a strong vacuum applies to it.

Fortunately, most furniture tops are made from HDF (High-density fibreboard) or MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) nowadays, which is processed under high temperature and pressure, combined with wax and resin. Therefor they are air tight.

So what if the base vacuum system doesn’t work well on intended platforms?

Typically, people use iPads and Holder King together on different platforms at home. It is natural to encounter some platforms not working well with the base vacuum system. There are easy solutions.


One is to use bathroom scale as the ideal mobile platform. It is easy to be found in most homes. It is very stable and needs no weights when the holder is fully extended horizontally with a iPad 2 on it (like the above picture). One is to put a large 1/4 or thicker glass panel on the platform. Another is to use some larger glass, ceramic, or metal wares, which are commonly found in the kitchen, as the mobile base. You can put some weights in the ware to make it more stable. These mobile platforms basically make Holder King work everywhere at home. Please [Watch Demo Video]

3. Four stage telescopic arm – all aluminum metal.

Each stage of tube is made from a single piece of aluminum tube, including the thread part. All locks are made from aluminum, too. You only need make 1/4 turn of the lock to lock or unlock.

The advantages over other arm types:

a) Long reach. No arms can reach 3 feet long in the market.

b) Steady and flexible combined. Its length and height can be adjusted while the iPad is loaded. It can also turn around the base 360 degree. It never sags no matter what kind of iPad is loaded.

c) Since it can retract to one foot long, it is hard to be noticed. The all black color design easily blends itself into background. Esthetically, no iPad holder can compete with it.

iPad stand with Kichen Ware iPad stand with Kichen Ware


**This product and it's parts are protected by patents world wide.

What are in the package?

  • 1. The Base
  • 2. Telescopic Arm
  • 3. iPad Handle
  • 4. Convertor - Connect to iPad Handle or item 5 or 6.
  • 5. Camera Connector - Connect to camera or party lights which have 1/4-20 femal threads.
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