Holder King - Vehicles-Room

iPad Tablet holder

product highlights

  • • Equipped with our newly developed weather and Sun-proof rubber pad, it can be used in vehicles on the Windshield or Moon/Sun roof, withstanding the harshest weather.  No matter how cold or how hot the nature temperature is, and no matter how strong the Sunshine is, it works excellently for the long run without deforming or sticking to the window glass.
  • • It can also be used inside rooms and performs as well as the Holder King for rooms only.
  • • When used on the Sun/Moon roof, it provides excellent entertainment for people in the back seats.  Especially good for kids on the long trip.

Item Details

What make the Holder King so special?


1. What is the differences in function between this version and the rooms only version?

This vehicle & room version has all functions that the room only version has besides the vehicle application.

2. Are there any differences in parts included?

All parts in this version are shown in the picture on the right.  The base rubber pad is upgrated to weather proof pad (white color) so that it can withstand harsh temprature and Sunshine in vehicles.  It has a connector for vehicle application which the room only version does not have.  The handle is made more compact and tighter so that it is more stable in vehicles.  The camera connector is not included in this version.

3. For details about applications inside rooms, please visit the rooms only version by clicking here


**This product and it's parts are protected by patents world wide.

What are in the package?

  • a. The Base
  • b. Telescopic Arm
  • c. iPad Handle
  • d. Convertor - Connect to iPad Handle or item 5 or 6.
  • e. Vehicle Connector - the connector for vehicles.
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